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Our company was founded on 24.10.2011 and in service of manufacturing machinery of food and bakery products. Tamaymaks Makine, which is directed by company partners Taşer KARSLI and Metin KURTULDU, started its machinery manufacturing activities by manufacturing baklava dough machine at first and commissioned the first manufactured ones in Germany.
At their young ages, they have participated in the bakery machines sector and aimed to integrate customers’ requests and suggestions with technology.
They have thought that with the bakery machines, hygienic productions of food without loss in taste; and by mass production, a continuous and standard quality of the products will be maintained and manual labor will be replaced with mechanization by its further progress in the 21st century.
Taşer KARLI is the General Manager within the company business organization and responsible from electrical and automation divisions. Metin KURTULDU is a mechanical engineer and RD and Overall Production

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