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» Baklava Dough Machine

Our machine consists of five parts ;

- Dough Landing Unit

- Dough Thinning Unit

- Starch Spraying Unit

- Chiller Unit

- PLC Control Panel.



TOTAL LENGTH  3.7 meters.

Width ; 1.4 meters

Height ; 1.8 meters.



11 KW/H   (380V – 50 Hz) power consumption. 



       Depending on working speed hourly capacity is 100 -110 Kg  BAKLAVA DOUGH.

DOUGH WIDTH 57 cm. By arranging the thickness from PLC Unit you can also get various dough sheets for your pastrys, . 

       You can get HOURLY 220 - 250 Kgs   WATER BOREK DOUGH. 

       Working speed is not constant as the other machines that are product nowadays. Depending on your production capacity you can operate the machine any desired speed. PLC (Programmable Logical Control) Unit provides opportunity to read and control every data about the machine over the touchscreen LCD Display.

       The machines drums are produced of very special kind of rigid stainless steel composite. After double grinding Drums sheathing with rigid chromium 100 mikrons per dot. By this purpose the drums have no surface abrasion easily and the dough will be in the same thickness in every dot.Also with high pressure process, the drum shafts will not have any deformation  in the future.

      And also we are using special Chiller Unit  to reduce  the drums heat to get the much more qualified products.


 Phyllo size : 0,2 mm thickness – 57 cm width.

Custom machines:  0,2 mm thickness - 46 cm width,

                                0,2 mm thickness - 57 cm width,

                                0,2 mm thickness - 75 cm width.

The machine keeps the humidity of the phyllo, preserves its quality and blends the starch well. It produces the widest and thinnest phyllo in the market.

You can ask us both domestic and international customers. Every machine is important for us.

Our reference is our future.



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